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Beijing Talent Consulting specializes in chief executive board member and senior-level management search assignments for a wide variety of clients, including multi-national corporations, mid-cap and start-up companies, research institutes, universities and governmental units. According to the <Professional Practice Guideline> set by Association of Executive Search Consultants, our process is:

Ø Our consultant will conduct detailed interviews with the client organization’s management team to develop a full understanding of the position to be filled and the qualifications of the executive to be recruited.

Ø A summary of this understanding, including a detailed profile of the qualifications and experience of the desired candidate, will be communicated to the hiring executive at the outset of the engagement. 


Ø This engagement letter will also include a complete description of how the search will be conducted and will outline the firm’s policies on fees, expenses, guarantees and assurances against recruiting executives away from the client organization in the future. 


Ø The consultant will conduct original research, targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates, and accessing proprietary and commercially available databases for sources of potential candidates. 


Ø Through this research, the consultant develops a "long list" of potentially qualified candidates, and then conducts telephone interviews to develop candidates for possible in-person interviews. 


Ø During one or more in-person interviews the consultant conducts a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s suitability for, and interest in, the position. 


Ø The consultant presents several qualified candidates to the client for interviews, and throughout this process acts as a mediator to assure that all issues relevant to filling the position are being addressed.


Ø Once the client has selected one or more candidates it would like to hire, the consultant conducts final reference checks to confirm the accuracy of judgments about the candidate’s suitability and to assure that all relevant information about the candidate has been gathered. 


Ø The consultant will help the client develop the job offer and will help the candidate prepare to accept it. 


Ø After the hiring, the consultant will stay in touch with both of our client and the successful candidate to assure an orderly transition. 


Ø Finally, Our clients will expect two assurances from us: first, we pledge that, during a given period of time, if the hired candidate does not work out for reasons the search consultant should have foreseen, we will repeat the search at no extra charge (out-of-pocket expenses only); second, we pledge not to recruit from the hiring organization for a stated period of time following the engagement.

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