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Competition among enterprises is in nature of the competition of talents. In modern enterprises, sensible and sufficient application of human resources, which holds the future of these entities, is of great importance. Our goal is to supply you and your enterprise with effective talent assessment services. By doing so, we can assist you in effectively selecting and training qualified personnel, establishing an effective and sound human resources assessment system, in order to eventually achieve the strategic growth objectives of enterprise.



Beijing Talent Human Resources Assessment Center has rich experience and expertise in selecting and assessing people. We shall assure you and your enterprise scientific, comprehensive, and effective human resources services.




The following are a detailed elaboration to our talent assessment services:




★ Assessment of Characteristics and Traits: Assessing various characteristics and their combination models, the mental state as well as the adaptability to the environment and job requirements at all levels.


Main tests

※ DISC Characteristics Test:

To describe personality in terms of four aspects: conformity, influence, stability, and dominance; this test aims to understand the management and leadership ability as well as the emotional stability of the subject.

※ Management Practitioner Personality Factors Test:

To measure performance based on the 12 factors with emphasis on finding out an individual’s behavior, logical thought, and business style. These results will predict the potential of the organizational capability and suggest the appropriate developmental direction and organizational environment.

※ Cartel 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF):

To understand the personality traits, thought patterns and mannerisms; by doing so, we can develop the extent and quality regarding environment adaptation, professional achievements and psychological health, which can be used to predict stability, efficiency and pressure limitation related to work.



★ Career Adaptability Test: To help both employers and candidates to determine a candidate’s career intentions and professional orientation. This test will render reliable references for choosing a career decision and training programs.




Main tests


※ Personality Traits

To measure the degree of a candidate’s various motivations including power, risk affiliation and achievement aspects.

※ Career Interest Assessment

To assess the career interest preference patterns in six aspects: artistic, business, organization, research, technological and socialization. Relevant personality characteristics can also be detected.



★ Aptitude Test: To assess the strengths of intelligence so as to predict the degree of success, adaptability, and potentials in career; this will help enterprises to recruit and effectively arrange personnel into the right positions. It will also be helpful in instructing the employees in their ability and professional development.




Main tests basic abilities/ professional abilities


◎ Basic abilities test

※ Multi-Aptitudes and Career Interest Consulting System

To assess the verbal, numerical, analytical and logical, environmental, and regulatory abilities to predict the subject’s competence and development potentialities for varied occupations.

※ Statistical Analysis Skill Exam

To assess the candidate’s analytical skill and sensibility from the given data and diagram regarding to business.

※ Logical Analysis Ability Test

To assess the candidate’s comprehensive analyzation, continuity, and sensitivity.



◎ Professional Ability Test


※ Sensitivity Analysis and Communication Skills Test

To exam the candidate’s sensitivity in the social environment, assessment of business sense, and communication style and skills.



★ Assessment of Organizational Behavior: To perceive the organizational behavior of employees’ leadership and team-building abilities and provide accurate account of your business organization.




Main tests


◎ Individual Behavior Test

※ Employee Perception Test

To measure the degree of job satisfaction with their current employment and to provide information on employee’s working attitude and stability.

※ Value Orientation Evaluation

To test the relative degree of inclination in four aspects: social, theoretical, aesthetic, and economic orientation.

※ Needs Theory Test

Based on Maslow’s theoretical approach, this test specifies three sets of needs; Existence needs including food, shelter, pay and safe working conditions; Relatedness needs which are social in nature and emphasize the need for clear and available interpersonal communication; and Growth needs which encourage development of one’s true potential and correspond to Maslow’s self-actualization and esteem needs..



◎ Leadership Evaluation


※ Communication Assessment

To understand whether the employee possesses the correct knowledge, concepts, and skills of communication.

※ Conflict Resolution Assessment

To assess the style and methods used to solve conflicts in various emergency situations.

※ Working Style Assessment

To understand the employee’s bureaucratic sense, the consciousness of the attitude towards the regulations.

※ Renovation Perspective Assessment

To assess the candidate’s sensitivity towards change and their ability to adapt and accommodate.



◎ Team/Organizational Evaluation


※ Group Cohesiveness Evaluation

To evaluate the current condition of cohesiveness, cooperativeness, and atmosphere within the organization.

※ Team Performance Measurement

To measure the atmosphere and efficiency of the team cooperation during the problem solving process.

Situational Simulation: applied to the selection of the mid-to-top management candidates

※ Group Seminar

To assess the leadership ability, perspective, emotional control, expression, sense of teamwork, and maturity level of a candidate, by observing the performance in the simulated discussion.

※ Documentation Test

To simulate a real situation to test the managerial ability of a subject in document prioritization, analytical skill, planning, predicting, decision-making, and communication.



Structured Interview PackageBased on a detailed analysis, a series of questions are tailored towards the position to observe the candidate’s response, reasoning, behavior, problem-solving skills, and emotional state under special situations. The responses from these questions will result in a numerical value, with combination of personal statistics, to gather an overall result which regards the individual’s previous experience, career motivation, and needs; from all aspects to perceive the candidate’s psychological, position suitability and qualifications. This package can be applied to the selection and recruitment of new employees, particularly the managerial staff, sales representatives and technical professionals.



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