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Career development consulting


-- HR Outsourcing Service

Professional Service; Simplified HR Relationship; Save Cost for Clients

Ø Recruiting & Selecting the talents as an agent;

Ø Building HR relationship with employees and providing the out sources service;

Ø Fixing the time limit of employment according to clients demands;

Ø Submitting the social security fee & benefit fund for employees monthly;

Ø Cooperating with National & FESCO to keep personal files for employees;

Ø Advanced & effective service system, insuring the structure & process of HR management;

Ø Professional consultant provide Employee Aid Program.

-- Career development consulting

Procedures for career consulting

– Self-recognition

Assessment tests  assessment reports  experts’ interpretation

– Self-planning

Creating a customized development plan

– Self-development

Coaching & training services (communication, influence training, foreign language, interview skills, preparing resumes, career path feedback & adjustment…)


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